In August 2006, I traveled to the United States to be fit with an entire new type of prosthetic system. A company called Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. worked with me to meet my expectations.
My new prosthetics are fit using the patented Hanger ComfortFlex™ Socket system so they fit much more securely on my limbs. For my running legs I use the Otto Bock 3R95 hydraulic knee systems and the Freedom Innovations Nitro running feet.
For everyday use again my sockets are the ComfortFlex™ design but I use Otto Bock 3R80 rotary hydraulic knees and Otto Bock Axtion feet. My walking is much more smooth and natural since getting these new prosthetics. With the hydraulic knees I am much more comfortable walking down hills and navagating stairs and walking off of curbs.