A Man With A Mission

I’m determined to set a new standard in Paralympic running.

At the end of 2009, in Rome, I became the first ever leg amputee to break the 3-hour barrier for the marathon, with a time of 2:56:45. In 2011, when I learnt that the International Paralympic Committee wouldn’t allow me to run the 2012 Paralympic Marathon, I started to run the 200m and I am now the World Champion and World Record holder.

I currently hold four World Records; the 200m & 400m (T42) and the half and full marathons:

27 June 2012: 24.93 – 200m (T42), 2012 European Championships

27 May 2011: 57.06 – 400m (T42), Paralympic World Cup

10 October 2010: 2:42:52 – Chicago Marathon

21 March 2010: 1:14:59 – Reading Half Marathon

My aim is to use London 2012 as platform to inspire people from all walks of life. This includes not only disabled athletes, but able-bodied ones too – anyone who may want to get out there and run. I am living proof, that with enough desire and determination, any obstacle can be overcome.