From Rotterdam to London

What a great experience the Rotterdam Marathon was last weekend! On Thursday I was picked up from the airport and delivered to my (very nice) hotel along with all the other elite runners. In the following days I did lots of media interviews and got to explore a little bit. But come Sunday, it was down to the serious business. The day itself was cold and windy and I ran a 2:45:47, which I was pretty pleased with given the circumstances and I did have a bit left in the tank so I know I can go quicker.


Then on April 25th it is London’s big day. I’m really looking forward it – I have managed to get a race place through my sponsors, Freshfields, so I won’t be trying to set a particularly fast time. Instead I’m planning on really enjoying the day – I have a few friends who are also running and other are coming down to watch. Its a huge day for London and I’m very excited to be involved.