Personal Statement

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In 2004, I found that I had a talent within a sport that would enable me to achieve lifetime goals and give something back to the sports and charities that have supported me to date.

Running is a sport that, due to advances in technology, I am now able to participate in on a level playing field with my able-bodied counterparts.

I am going to run faster, longer and stronger with goals that reflect that. I will continue to run marathons, ultra marathons, and do coast-to-coast runs all over the world.


I also want to compete on the Ironman stage, but my aspirations are bigger than that. I want to make a difference. To prove that even though I have a disability, I have overcome barriers that have been put in front of me.


Hopefully I can pass on a message of hope through my dedication to sport and be an inspiration to all.

If I could sum up everything I do, it would be what’s tattooed on my right arm: Cometh the hour, cometh the man.”