Thank You London!

What a week and what a race!

I was down in London for a few days before the London Marathon and I had a great time. I was down doing a few interviews for media (check out the pic of me on The One Show!) before tackling one of the world’s best marathons.

I have run several London Marathons before and the race never ceases to amaze me. The support that lines the length of the course, from the beginning to right at the end is unbelievable. If you’re reading this and have never been, either to run it or to watch it, then I suggest you put it in your diary now!

The crowds gave me a great reception when it came to race day, but I’m afraid I was having a rare off day. I just wasn’t in my usual zone and so after about 16 miles when I realised that I wasnt going to run at my very best, I decided to slow down a bit and just take in the atmosphere and enjoy it – I even did an interview on the course for the BBC. I can’t really put my finger on why I wasnt running at my normal pace as my training has been superb this year. So I’m treating it as a little blip, and I’ll get straight back on the road and pump out the training miles. Good to get the blip out of my system now!!

I’d like to finish just by saying thank you to all the organisers, runners and spectators that make the London Marathon a truly great race.

RW on The One Show