5 surefire ways to increase stamina

We all know that stamina and endurance are among the few core essentials that create the overall health and physical potential of the human body. And even though there’s awareness on this point, there are still a lot of misconceptions that plague the modern understanding of this important area of fitness. This list will provide you a few key training tips that will help you increase your stamina.

  1. Mix things up every once in a while. The human body and mind can quickly adapt to your routine. It is said by many experts that it takes two to three weeks for the human body to adapt to a certain workout routine. You want to mix things up in order to achieve the full potential for endurance and stamina. However, don’t switch it up too often, but do try to keep your body guessing and don’t let it get complacent.
  2. Strength is a key component of stamina. A lot of people think that stamina is only developed by doing repetitive movements throughout a long period of time, like cycling, swimming, running etc. Well, strength also has an impact on your overall level of stamina as well. This is because the muscular system provides excellent support for the entire cardiovascular system and the joints in the body, making the endurance workouts easier and more productive. So try to do a strength routine combined with a cardio routine.
  3. Focus on compound movements. These types of movements are more beneficial than isolation exercises. Compound exercises such as squats or pull-ups or even running work several different muscles simultaneously, making the body act as a whole, the way nature intended.
  4. Do explosive exercises. Explosive exercises (or plyometrics) will increase your speed of movement and stamina as well. A couple of sprints or jumping bodyweight squats or even handclap pushups if you can, will do the trick.
  5. Finally, add hybrid exercises into your routine. Here you can add exercises that combine two separate movements. Lunges with bicep curls are a classic here. Doing this will increase the workload of your heart and make it stronger, which in turn will increase your overall endurance.

Add some or all of this into your current fitness routine and you’ll definitely see improvements.

Have you done anything specific to enhance your stamina? Let me know in the comments.


Photo by David Baird



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