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In 2004, I found that I had a talent within a sport that would enable me to achieve lifetime goals and give something back to the sports and charities that have supported me to date.

Running is a sport that, due to advances in technology, I am now able to participate in on a level playing field with my able-bodied counterparts.

I am going to run faster, longer and stronger with goals that reflect that. I will continue to run marathons, ultra marathons, and do coast-to-coast runs all over the world.

I also want to compete on the Ironman stage, but my aspirations are bigger than that. I want to make a difference. To prove that even though I have a disability, I have overcome barriers that have been put in front of me.

Hopefully I can pass on a message of hope through my dedication to sport and be an inspiration to all.

If I could sum up everything I do, it would be what’s tattooed on my right arm: Cometh the hour, cometh the man."


Richard Whitehead is currently looking for sponsors to help fund his marathon training, racing and participating in other inspirational challenges.  


Opportunites currently exist for Annual Sponsorship and Race Specific sponsorship.  Click here to download a PDF Proposal (Document Size 3mb)

If you would like to learn how your company can be part of an inspirational story with global media and PR interest please contact Sports Talent on +44(0)845 123 5270 or email [email protected].

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