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Richard is currently looking for sponsorship in order for him to forfill his sporting ambitions and those of his charities.

Richard is currently paying for all his expenses out of pocket greatly decreasing the number of opportunities available to him.  Sponsorship will cover travel and accommodation expenses allowing Richard to compete in more events spreading his message around the globe.


  • The sponsor will have the ability to place their logo on clothing and website associated with Richard Whitehead
  • Association with Richard’s inspiration, determination and his charitable efforts
  • Growth in value, as Richard moves into more events and challenges his sponsor will benefit from global media coverage
  • It is Richards goal to become an ambassador for disabled sport and an inspiration to all!  He is determined to make it to the top and will bring his sponsor along for the ride!


To download a PDF Sponsorship proposal please click here.


Richard is supported by Ossur, who provide Richard with prosthetic componentry.


Ossur developed and produce Richard’s distinctive C-shaped Flex-Run® feet.  Ossur is an international company specialising in non-invasive orthopedics, Össur’s motto is Life Without Limitations, something it is keen to help Richard pursue.