No Place For Dope Cheats In Sport.

I’m saddened to hear about this latest example of doping in sport. Please read: Para-Athletics Athlete Suspended for the Presence of Nandrolone

Sport gives all athletes whether able bodied of disabled bodied a platform to lead by example and provide the younger generations a sense of belief that they can achieve their dreams if they have the right attitude and work hard. We are role models.

Most athletes including myself take this responsibility very seriously and work hard to maintain a positive image for professional sports. Unfortunately a few athletes do not share our same commitment to an ethical sporting environment and work to destroy the public’s faith and trust they put in to us.

This latest example directly effects me due to the athlete competing in my class, we would have likely gone head to head challenging for medals in Rio this September.

There is no place for cheating in sport at any level, if a person has to resort to being unethical to gain an advantage they were never a true sportsman or woman to begin with.




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