Overcome Body Fatigue And Start Working Out Again

If you have a workout routine, but aren’t able to stick with it anymore, there are a few things you can do to start working out again. Resting, eating right, and adjusting the training routine will help you lift weights, run, and play sports just like you used to. Don’t let exercise fatigue end your commitment to physical fitness. Be able to recognize the symptoms and take action to improve the condition of your body.

Burnouts Affect Everyone

A former British army physical training instructor named Dan Reilly confirms that anyone can suffer from the effects of working out too much. New runners tend to injury themselves by running too far or too fast. Seasoned runners may not recognize their limitations anymore. Burnout usually happens when athletes train for races. Adaptation and recovery are the key aspects of exercise fatigue.

Rest and Sleep are the Best Medicine for Burnouts

Relaxation workouts are recommended after a strenuous workout. This includes things like Yoga, tai chi, or meditation. These types of activities stimulate recovery and are commonly referred to as adrenal workouts. Resting lowers stress levels, while sleeping prevents burnouts. A triathlon coach named Rick Kiddle recommends eight hours of sleep after working out. Sleep helps the body recover from training, and without enough sleep the body can’t repair itself fully. Sleeping in the afternoon is common among athletes. The most important part of the sleep cycle is the last third of it. This is when many of the recovery processes occur.

Use the Delta Heart Rate Test to Self-Assess

To see if you are at risk of burning out, take the delta heart rate test. According to Rick, it involves laying down for two minutes and then measuring the heart rate. Afterward, stand up for two minutes and measure it again. The difference between the two tells you if you are about to burn out. If the difference is between 1 and 10 beats per minute, you are healthy and well-rested. Any difference higher than this will indicate over-training and fatigue. It is recommended to reduce training intensity by 5% if the difference is between 11 and 20. If it’s 20 to 30, reduce the intensity by 20%. If the difference is higher than this, stop training and rest.

Symptoms of Burnout

There are noticeable signs of burnout including sudden poor coordination, lack of ability to concentrate, reduction in performance, over-sensitivity to criticism, disruptive sleep patterns, general lethargy, lack of motivation, and susceptibility to illness and injury.

Curing Burnout

Expect to rest for seven days. It will take this long for the body to repair itself. During this time, eat well and rest. When you start working out again, make sure the intensity of the workout is supported by proper nutrition and rest.


(Photo by David Baird – www.david-baird.co.uk)



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